Hyvair D03 Modular Valve, Single Pilot Check, B Port, 70 PSI Cracking

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Product Description

Commonly used as a single load holding valve. This valve allows the free flow of oil from the B port of the directional valve out to the subplate and downstream.
Flow returning from the B port is blocked until there is sufficient pilot pressure (70psi) applied to the A port to open the valve.

  • Rugged Steel body Designs:  Designed for high cycle and quick response applications.
  • Uniform Height:  Valve body thickness is the same for each series and provides a clean, neat uniform appearance.
  • Better Performance:  Modular valving eliminates leaking connections, reduces plumbing costs and places controls together.
  • Space Saving:  Manifold mounted control circuits greatly reduce space requirements from conventional line mounted valves.
  • Adjustment:  Hand knobs with locknuts provided standard tools are not required for adjustments.
  • Working Temperature:  40- 160° F (5- 70°C)
  • Operating Viscosity:  80- 300 SUS (17- 65 cSt)
  • Max Start-up Viscosity:  1500 SUS (315 cSt)
  • Filtration:  25 micron or less, (ISO 18/15)
  • Recommended Fluids:  Petroleum Based Fluids – ISO VG32-68, Most Vegetable Oils.


Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 1.57 × 1.81 in


Valve Size

Valve Function

Single Pilot Check

Flow Path

B – B Port

Cracking Pressure

70 psi cracking pressure

Max Pressure

3000 psi (210 bar)

Working Temperature

40- 160° F (5-70°C)

Operating Viscosity

80-300 SUS (17-65 cSt)

Maximum Start-up Viscosity

1500 SUS (315 cSt)


25 micron or less, (ISO 18/15)


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